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FLORA 2018

  • The Meilahti campus 3 Haartmaninkatu Helsinki, 00290 Finland (map)

FLORA 2018
9 May 2018 at 4 pm–8 pm
Haartmaninkatu 3

This time, the annual springtime celebration of the University community is held at 4 pm–8 pm on Wednesday 9 May at the Haartman Institute on the Meilahti campus (at Haartmaninkatu 3) and in the Valpurinpuisto park. 

Part of the festive programme is organised in the nearby Valpurinpuisto park. Additionally, the participants who have signed up for faculty tours will get to peek into the other premises on the Meilahti campus. Please note that the first faculty tours start already at 2.30 pm! You can sign up for the faculty tours separately until 10 am on 9 May right here.

The theme of this year’s celebration is health and wellbeing, and this is visible in our programme. Relax in a meditation room guided by Unisport, improve your health knowledge in a skills workshop organised by students of medicine and participate in the football and snowboarding activities run by LKS’ sports clubs.

You can also participate in a workshop held by Akateemiset kasvintuottajat (‘academic plant producers’) and make yourself your very own boutonnière to celebrate Flora’s Day. In Valpurinpuisto, you can greet the animals of the Rehndahl travelling animal farm. You can also play some outdoor games at the spot of HYY’s Events Committee Humu.

Food and drinks are available at the Haartman Institute. Besides the festive food made by Unicafé, there will be wines selected by LKS’ wine club, the unique HYY150 beer brewed by Viikki Brewing Society as well as non-alcoholic refreshments and cupcakes made by Kopeda ry. Do not forget to visit the ice cream stand of Resonanssi ry either!

Live music at the event will be provided by the orchestra of the Savo Student Nation, SOSSu, LKS’ choir Uvula Aurea and DJ Hermanni. Some spring-themed speeches will also be given on the stage.

You can also get yourself a stylish Flora 2018 overall badge and have your photo taken at the HYY150 photo wall at the event.

There will be both area guides wearing blue vests and signs to guide you in the festive area.

SIGN UP TO FLORA 2018 HERE (Booked full)



Faculty tours – 2.30 pm–4.00 pm

Sign up for the tours separately by 10 am on 9 May here.

Haartman Institute (at Haartmaninkatu 3) – 4 pm–8 pm


Unisport: Guided meditation
Haartman Institute
Get yourself into the festive mood by relaxing and calming down in Unisport’s guided meditation at 4.30 pm–6 pm. There will be three meditation sessions, at 4.30 pm, 5 pm and 5.30 pm. Sign-ups for the sessions are received on the spot at the registration desk. Departure for the meditation sessions is 15 minutes before each session from next to the registration desk. There is room for the first 25 people to sign up in each group.

Akateemiset kasvintuottajat: Floral workshop
Haartman Institute
Flowers are an essential part of Flora’s Day – make yourself your very own boutonnière in the workshop of Akateemiset kasvintuottajat (‘academic plant producers’) from 4 pm onwards. The workshop will continue as long as the flowers last.

Music and speeches

Opening words
Haartman Institute
HYY’s chairs and Board, Rector Jukka Kola and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Risto Renkonen will hold their speeches on the stage at the Haartman Institute from 5 pm onwards.

LKS Uvula Aurea: Choir performance
Haartman Institute
Uvula Aurea, the choir of Lääketieteenkandidaattiseura, performs on the stage at the Haartman Institute at 5.30 pm.

SOSSu: Live music
Haartman Institute
SOSSu is the orchestra of the Savo Student Nation of the University of Helsinki. It features both Savonian and Savonian-minded players. You can watch and experience the orchestra on the stage at the Haartman Institute after 7 pm.

DJ Hermanni: Music
Haartman Institute
DJ Hermanni will be entertaining guests on the stage at the Haartman Institute from 4 pm to 8 pm to supplement the rest of the programme.

Food and drinks

Unicafé: Festive food
Haartman Institute
The Flora’s Day feast conjured up by the Meilahti Unicafé will keep guests satisfied. The food will include tasty pitas, coleslaw, Asian noodle–vegetable salad and spring-appropriate smoothies.

Kopeda ry: Mocktail and cupcake bar
Haartman Institute
The subject organisation of students of home economics serves fresh non-alcoholic drinks and cupcakes at its mocktail bar from 4 pm onwards.

Resonanssi ry: Ice cream stand
Haartman Institute
Crown your Flora’s Day with a serving of soft ice at Resonanssi ry’s ice cream stand from 4 pm onwards.

LKS’ wine club: Wine bar
Haartman Institute
This time around, the wine selection for the Flora’s Day celebration is taken care of by the wine club of Lääketieteenkandidaattiseura.

Viikki Brewing Society: HYY150 beer
Haartman Institute
The 150th Anniversary beer created for HYY by Viikki Brewing Society is a sour ale with hints of raspberry and sour cherry.

Valpurinpuisto – 4 pm–7 pm

Kompleksi ry: Rehndal’s travelling animal yard
The sheep, rabbits, chicken and dog of the Rehndahl travelling animal yard are brought to the celebration by Kompleksi ry and can be admired and petted at the Valpurinpuisto park at 4 pm–7 pm.

HYY’s Events Committee Humu: Outdoor games
Try your hand at mölkky, giant jenga and other casual outdoor games with HYY’s Events Committee Humu at Valpurinpuisto at 4 pm–7 pm.

LKS Curvatura: Ski slope
You can check out how snowboarding on an artificial ski slope feels like in the warmth of May by visiting Lääketieteenkandidaattiseura’s downhill skiing club Curvatura from 4 pm to 7 pm.

LKS FC Hallux: Football
This activity combines medicine and sports into some kind of football – with peculiar rules! Visit us at the Valpurinpuisto park at 4 pm–7 pm.

Flora’s Night Afterparty

The faculty organisations of Meilahti Campus Kompleksi, LKS ja HLKS will arrange together Flora's night - the afterparty for Flora's day. The party will be held at Apollo Live Club (Mannerheimintie 16). The doors will open at 10 pm and the party continues until at 4 am.

Dress code is spring-appropriate casual. You may wear your student’s cap if you wish.



Flora Day Guided Tours in Meilahti and Ruskeasuo Campuses

Virtual reality is making a big splash in healthcare. This tour will take you to a laboratory equipped with virtual and augmented reality where you have the opportunity to try out VR and AR applications tailored for patient rehabilitation, surgeries and medical imaging. Each tour can accommodate up to six persons. The tours start at 14.30 and 15.30 from the Terkko Health Hub at Haartmaninkatu 4 in front of the Well café, lasting approximately 50 minutes. The tours will be held in Finnish or, by request, in English.

Ruskeasuo Campus
Have you ever visited the University’s Ruskeasuo Campus? Now you have the chance to go on an introductory tour and an experimentation workshop to see what everyday education in dentistry is like. The tour includes an introduction to the departmental facilities ranging from a simulation to a museum, while in the workshop you get a hands-on simulation experience. Two tours, each for up to 20 persons, will be offered at 15.00 and 15.30, beginning at the lobby of Mannerheimintie 172. The tours will be held in Finnish and English.

Medical skills workshop Skilla
Have you always wanted to master airway management? What about defibrillation, would you be able to perform it? During this tour, you get a peek at a skills workshop for medical students where future physicians practise various procedures and manual skills before applying them to actual patients. You can also try the skills yourself. The tour will be held in Finnish, Swedish and English. The tour will last approximately 30 minutes, starting at 15.00 and 15.30 in front of the elevators at the Biomedicum entrance lobby at Haartmaninkatu 8. Each tour can accommodate up to 15 persons.

Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland
What is molecular medicine, and how is it connected with the University’s new Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE? This tour will take you to the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, including a sequencing laboratory where the genetic code is being deciphered. You will also have an opportunity to take a peek at the world of cells with a virtual microscope. The tours, held in Finnish or English, will last approximately 30 minutes. The tours will begin at 15.00 and 15.30 at the campus meeting point on Biomedicum’s ground floor. Each tour can accommodate up to 20 persons.

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