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Tomorrow is shaped NOW

  • Old Student House Mannerheimintie 3 Helsinki Finland (map)

The historic Old Student House, which has experienced an eventful path, opens its doors to the public at 3 pm on 26 November! Come and hear what the top influencers of society and students have to say on the direction of the future!

The Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) is celebrating its 150th Anniversary on 26 November 2018 at the Old Student House. Since being founded in 1868, the Student Union has acted as an advocator and support net for students, taking care of its members’ wellbeing and rights.

HYY has been celebrating its long history throughout the year, which means that now is the time to turn our eyes towards the future. The Tomorrow is shaped NOW influencing event is organised on Monday 26 November. The event will fill the Old Student House with future-oriented speeches and topics that cover a wide spectrum of society.



Sustainable future

We live in a moment where sustainable future has become the most important issue of our time. In this panel, we approach sustainability from the perspectives of development, growth, education and research.

What kind of solutions can Finland offer to the global crisis and how will they be seen in the future? Education has a strong status in Finland, but how are education and research valued in the rest of the world? What prevents this way of thinking from spreading?

Panellists: Oras Tynkkynen, Kaarle Hämeri, Sanni Grahn-Laasonen

Host: Susanne Salmi

Different kind of future – corporate responsibility for creating the future?

When discussing consumption, climate change, human rights or equality, the discussion goes back and forth between individual, state and corporate responsibility. What guides companies to change the world? How can our way of thinking about responsibility be changed? What is the role of the individual in all of this?

In this panel, HYY Group delves into corporate responsibility.

Sticks or carrots – students in the comprehensive reform of social security

Social security is a hot topic before the parliamentary elections next spring. HYY is inviting representatives from different parties to discuss the direction we should take for students’ social security in Finland. Should we increase the emphasis on loan, increase the amount of study grant or make all of Finland use basic income?

The event includes a first look at the preliminary results produced by the study on subsistence that HYY and AYY commissioned for its members.

Work of the future through children’s eyes

We are now envisioning the working life of the future! What does the working life of the future look like through the eyes of a small human being and what kind of thoughts does the work of the future provoke in children?

Experts from societal life and creative developers are taking part in this visionary panel discussion. The questions in the panel will be posed by the people involved in the working life of the future – children, of course. Come and see children make the experts sweat!

Perspectives on the accessibility of education

Four stories on accessible education as told by experts by experience and researchers. How is the accessibility of education doing in Finland today? What about in the world? How do people get from the working class to lead the country? How do people from outside the mainstream culture perceive the world of higher education? Participate in the seminar to discover the answers!

Everything ok?

Do you dare to honestly answer the question ‘is everything ok?’ HYY kickstarts a three-week campaign named #kaikkihyvin (‘#everythingok’) in the event. The campaign is aimed at rooting out the shame related to mental health problems and the fear of seeking help. Come and watch the campaign video among the first and listen to experts and experts by experience to find out why students’ mental health symptoms have increased in the 2000s and how students’ mental wellbeing will be supported in the future.

Panellists: Medical Director of Mental Health Pauli Tossavainen from the FSHS, Head of Student Services Johanna Lammi from the UH, Student Mikko Pellinen, Student Meri-Tuuli Auer

Hosts: Laura Wathén and Sofia Lindqvist

The climate anxiety

The contradiction between climate change and one’s own consumer choices is increasingly more relevant in our everyday life. But what to do when climate anxiety starts to distress too much? Come to listen a key note speech by Panu Pihkala on climate anxiety.

ALL Niinistö panel

What will Finland’s values be like in 150 years? Which way are the winds blowing and what will Finland’s society of values look like in the future? The aim of this panel on Finnish values is to get people to think about the future and the ways in which your choices can affect its direction.

Panellists: Jussi Niinistö, Ville Niinistö, Susanna Niinistö-Sivuranta

From barricades to banquet halls and back: 1968–2068

Exactly 50 years ago students and other actors of the radical movements of the 1960s occupied the Old Student House. After the Left’s great election victory of 1966, people had returned from the banquet halls to the barricades. Where are we now – in the banquet halls or at the barricades – and where should we be?

This discussion event aims to find out what we can learn from the radicalism of the 1960s for the future. If we take the teachings of 1968 seriously, what would the 100th anniversary of the occupation of the Old Student House be like in 2068?

Path to leadership

What kind of multistage growth does it take for a young person to become an inspiring and encouraging leader? Anna Munsterhjelm and Tommi Laitio will be here to tell us. Munsterhjelm and Laitio have vision on how a person’s own life experiences influence their growth to leadership. What does leadership demand and how does it feel to fail as a leader? What are the rules and guidelines that are not said aloud?

Come and listen to inspiring speeches and panels as well as to think about the themes of the future and how to survive them.


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