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Pioneers - exhibition on the history of development cooperation

City Centre Campus, Kumpula Campus & Viikki Campus, November 12 - November 24, 2018

Why has HYY’s development coordination committee gotten into the business of selling canned mangos? And why were they cooking reindeer by a campfire in the middle of Ylioppilasaukio? What kind of projects has HYY’s development cooperation committee done over the years?

These are some of the questions answered by Pioneers - a historical photo exhibition by HYY’s development cooperation committee. The exhibiton showcases the role the student body played in development cooperation from the 1950’s to the present day.

HYY is the second oldest agent of development cooperation in the history of Finland, and the student union could be considered a pioneer of official development cooperation in all of Finland. It’s a story that spans nearly seven decades, and it’s only fit that we take a closer look at it amidst the Anniversary year festivities.

The exhibition will open on November 12 at 6:00 pm in the first floor of the main building of the University of Helsinki where it will remain for a full week. After that, the exhibition will also visit the Kumpula and Viikki campuses.

Exhibition tour dates:

City Centre Campus: Main building (Fabianinkatu 33), Nov 12 - Nov 19, 2018

Kumpula Campus: Physicum (Gustaf Hällströminkatu 2), Nov 19 - Nov 21, 2018

Viikki Campus: Building EE (Agnes Sjöberginkatu 2), Nov 21 - Nov 24, 2018

Free entry! The venues are accessible. The introductions are in Finnish and in English.

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